The Most Powerful Non Surgical Body Contouring and Weight Loss Programme

Only Combination Treatment works in Non Surgical Body Contouring. We can Boast that Bionix is the Strongest Non Surgical Body Contouring Programme which gives results.No Cut, No Pain, No Downtime, Immediate Measurable difference is the Key to Soundarya Success.

  • Drop a Pant Size…
  • Tone and Tighten your Body
  • Sculpt Abs
  • Get a Flat belly… All Non Surgically …

Vogue Calls it …..A Miracle…


Patient Testimonials


I  have a good job. My social life and hectic travel schedules force me  to live out of a suitcase. I did signup with a Gym, but never went there for a month, so had to discontinue. Tried my best to maintain a good diet and eat right, but realized it was just not possible with my lifestyle. I wanted to control my bulging middle, but was not knowing how,  with this lifestyle. I gave a shot to this Body Contouring treatment, I really felt a difference from the first session itself. It really worked for me and keeps me fitter.

– Md Farook, Dubai.


With My son to be married in less than a month, I had million things to get done and organize the events. I also wanted to look slimmer and younger in the occasion. I really didn’t have time for holistic fitness regimes, power yoga or even crash diets. So I enrolled myself for Soundarya Weight Loss Treatments. I feel it really worked for me, as I was flooded with compliments in the functions. I was really happy with all this.

– Kristine Joy


I have diabetes for many years. I religiously followed my diet prescribed by my nutritionist, but still couldn’t control my weight. My medical condition kept me from most of exercises. All of this made it difficult for me to live a normal life style . I tried many therapies for arresting the problem, but nothing ever worked. I desperately wanted to lose weight, to be fit and even control my diabetes. So after seeing some advertisements of Soundarya Weight Loss Programme I tried it, I saw a difference in every session , my metabolism improved, and in 6 sessions I also felt my diabetes is under control. I am very impressed. – Binny



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