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Fetal Echo and Cardiology is a speciality , dealing with Cardiac Anatomies detectable in Fetal life.

M-Mode and pulsed Doppler evaluation of fetal arrhythmias(a–c) M-mode recordings with representative SVC–Ao tracings from respective patients shown in (d–f). ‘A’ indicates atrial events and ‘V’ ventricular events. (a) M-mode recording in sinus rhythm. 1: 1 AV relationship is noted at a heart rate (HR) of 136 bpm (HR not shown). (b) M-mode recording in SVT with 1: 1 AV relation, fetal HR of 200 bpm is seen. (c) Color M-mode recording in atrial flutter with an atrial rate of 420 bpm and ventricular rate of 210 bpm indicating 2: 1 block. Here, flow in the aorta seen on color flow evaluation marked ‘V’ represents ventricular ejection. (d) SVC–Ao tracing in sinus rhythm. Parallel lines denote the mechanical PR interval, measured from beginning of atrial flow to the beginning of ventricular ejection. (e) SVC–Ao tracing in SVT. Parallel lines show the long ventriculoatrial interval of 170 ms (AV interval 130 ms). Gradual increase in HRs in tachycardia (not shown) indicated likely atrial ectopic tachycardia. (f) SVC–Ao tracing in atrial flutter showing 2: 1 block. Note: prominent ‘A’ waves. bpm, beats per minute; HR, heart rate; SVC–Ao, superior vena cava–aorta; SVT, supraventricular tachycardia.

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