Happy Hair Treatment commonly Called as HHT is the first Complete Non Surgical solution for Controlling Hair Loss and faciliating Hair Restoration.

There can be various reasons for an unhealthy Scalp which lead to hair loss.

The HHT treatment uses Tripple technology of Laser
Oxygenated Mist and Medicated treatment to give the most Healthy Environment to Scalp for the Hair follicles to grow and reduce Hair Loss.

Over a series of sessions the patient observes considerable reduction in Hair Loss and if treated early can see new hair growing within a couple of weeks.



Help in Hair Restoration


Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is based on the scientific principle of photobiotherapy. Photobiotherapy occurs when laser light, absorbed by cells, causes stimulation of cell metabolism and improved blood flow. Although the exact mechanism by which lasers promote hair growth is still unknown, they appear to stimulate the follicles on the scalp by increasing energy production and partially reversing the miniaturization process leading to thicker hair shafts and a fuller look.


Building: Healthy Environment for your Hair


Hair comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and conditions. To keep hair healthy and attractive, proper attention must be given to its care and treatment. Applying harsh hair care products or receiving improper hair services can cause the hair structure to become weakened or damaged. Hair care products can also result in a build-up of chemicals – cloggin hair follicles. By utilizing a personal prescribed Hair Support treatment, the health and appearance of hair will be improved.
Skin and hair structure The hair root is the hair structure located beneath the skin surface and enclosed within the hair follicle. If the follicle is clogged or is damaged by the buildup of hair products, the natural growing cycle is interrupted. Only through professional treatment can the fo licle mouth be re-opened to facilitate the continuing healthy  growth of the hair. If the hair is normal and healthy, each individual hair goes through a steady cycle of: growth, degeneration and rest.


Reasons For Hair Loss


As previously mentioned, one of the major causes of hair loss is the build-up of hair care products and other topical lotions. This build-up clogs the oil glands, damaging the hair follicle and causing the hair to be released prematurely before the hair life cycle is over – instigating hair loss. The hair follicle is actually drowning in this build-up of oil.
Build-up on the surface of the scalp clogs the hair follicle. This blockage enlarges the oil gland suffocating the hair follicle. The result is a damaged hair follicle not being able to regenerate the hair life cycle.
Fortunately, HHT therapy  is now available to release clogged pores giving damaged hair follicles a chance to return to their normal life cycle.


Hair Restoration with HHT


Professional HHT  Therapy Treatments will penetrate the scalp and reach the hair follicle allowing it to release the build-up of oil. The transformation of the hair follicle
back to its healthy state will promote the natural hair life cycle. HHT treatment along with Laser , Oxygenated Mist and Medication(through scalp stimulators, professional scalp treatments and specially formulated hair support products) cleans the scalp while reducing the enlarged oil gland. Through a series of treatments the scalp is cleaned, hair is then restored to its natural hair life cycle.

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