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Heart Diseases effect the structure and function of the Heart.The common diseases effecting the heart are widely classified as follows
1.Coronary artery disease , also called as Ischaemic heart disease or the Atherosclerotic heart disease causes the obstruction of blood flow in the arteries of the Heart.
2.Valvular Heart disease The major four valves of the Heart , which give a proper direction of the blood can get smaller or leaky giving rise to the heart disease.
3.Inflammation of the Heart also called as carditis giving rise to Heart disease like
4.Cardiomyopathy or the weakness of the heart muscles.
5.Hypertsive Heart disease due to long standing uncontrolled high BP
6.Heart disease secondary to the Lung Disease -Pulmonary Hypertension.
7.Arrythmias abnormal Heart Rhythms.
8.Congenital Heart disease due to abnormal metal heart development.

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