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This is actually as simple as measuring temperature. Even a layman can accurately start measuring the BP with little practice. One can measre The BP instrument has a Cuff, The manometer and a Pump. The cuff is about 2/3rd of the upper arm diameter.  For the obese people special cuffs may be required. Initial BP measurement is done in both the arms. Subsequently the arm with the higher BP is used for follow up monitoring. The arm should be at the level of the heart or the chest. After putting the cuff in the upper arm, the cuff is inflated with the Bulb to a level 30mm above the expected BP(the reading can be seen on the side of the mercury column). The chest piece of the stethoscope is kept on the artery in the arm. Slowly the cuff is deflated and one keeps on hearing through the ear piece of the stethoscope. The mercury level at which the first sound is heard is called the SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE. Keep on deflating the cuff slowly. The level at which the sound disappear is called the DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE. There are other easier BP instruments available which are automatic but the gold standard is still the mercury SPHYGMOMANOMETER. BP can be measured in  an individual round the clock which is called as AMBULATORY BP monitoring. In the critical care units , the doctors resort to invasive BP monitoring by inserting the needle directly into the Artery directly and connecting it to manometer. This method is very accurate for continuously monitoring the BP in Hemodynamically unstable and serious patients. Most of my patients become expert in monitoring their Blood pressure. In fact, the BP  at home , at work and away from the clinic is the true picture of round the clock BP. BP management is  a process one lives with , so one has to have detailed knowledge of the BP to keep himself in control of High BP.

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