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Medical Examination and Check-Up for Employees -Dubai.

All staff has to get a medical check done.

The cruise line will send you their form, which you and the doctor need to fill out. Some cruise lines have medical centers, which they work with and it could be, that before joining the ship you need to pass by the medical center/doctor of their choice.

This is not uncommon with ships which pass by Miami. You would most likely join there and it could be that you need to arrive there a day early to go for the medical.

Other companies sent you the forms and you go to a doctor of your choice.

What is Tested?

Besides basic information regarding height, weight, vision, past medical history, medication you are taking, treatments you have or you are receiving, there are several lab tests to be completed.

Depending on your position you will need to provide Stool, Blood and Urine samples to your doctor. Some cruise lines require a test for tuberculosis.

All cruise lines require testing of Drug use of any kind, including consumption of amphetamines. Also a HIV test and other STD’s are common.

In addition to the tests, you need to be physically fit to fulfill you duties, able to lift a certain weight and have your hearing tested.

Some cruise companies will ask you to fax or e-mail the medical form, filled out and signed by you and your doctor, before you will travel to the ship. In any case you need to have the original form with you, when you sign on on board the ship.

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