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Offshore medicals are done to rule our any medical condition that may make an individual risk to himself and his work place. We get all types of patients, who had a disease condition but have made good recovery. They maty be temporarily unfit but can restart again with restricted or unrestricted certification.

Pacemakers For individuals with pacemakers it must be demonstrated that they are not likely to suffer any significant symptoms related to the pacemaker. In addition, it must be demonstrated that their pacemaker is not likely to be adversely affected by electromagnetic energy likely to be encountered. Therefore the examining doctor must have:

  • A written assessment from the employer/operator detailing the strength of any magnetic field and circumstances with which the individual may come into contact


  • A written statement from either the cardiologist or the technical representative of the pacemaker manufacturer detailing the risks of exposure to the magnetic field in the circumstances in which it may be encountered


  • A cardiologist’s report confirming that the individual is free of syncope or pre-syncope as a result of the pacemaker insertion

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Determination of Risk for Specific Medical Conditions


Issue 6 March 2008                                                                                                                    2-3


Medical Aspects of Fitness for Work Offshore:

Guidance for Examining Physicians


  • A cardiologis’s report confirming that the individual is experiencing no complications related to the pacemaker insertion


  • Individuals with overdrive anti-tachycardia pacemakers or implantable defibrillators must be assessed by a consultant cardiologist to confirm that there is no risk of developing syncope


Individuals with pacemakers require annual review by a cardiologist to ensure continued correct functioning of the device

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