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OGUK- Oil & Gas UK policy IS TO HAVE A REGULAR PERIODIC medical examination for  offshore working staff  and classified as medically fit to work in the offshore environment.

The medical guidelines have been well set for the assessment of health of persons working or intending to work offshore, and guidance on the implications of various medical conditions on fitness to do so. The Physician gets guidance and examining physician’s assessment of the medical fitness of an individual to work in the offshore environment. The operators  medical adviser (this term is used to cover the medical adviser to offshore platforms, other production units eg Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (vessels) (FPSOs) and mobile drilling rigs) also makes sure to ensure that persons working offshore meet necessary health standards. While operators will normally accept possession of a certificate of fitness for offshore work as evidence of doing so, the final decision regarding offshore employment or visits rests with the operators. Their decision will take account of the medical advice received from the examining physician but may vary from his/her conclusion.

Operators may choose to use alternative methods of assessment for their own installations. However, an individual having passed such assessment would not be acceptable for unrestricted work in the North Sea unless the assessment also meets the requirements of these guidelines.

OGUK Medicals are done at GETWELL MEDICAL CENTER . DUBAI BY Dr. Ashok Kapoor . Tel No 0504505865

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