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PLAB Part 1  exam dates

ABMA is doing plab1 teaching courses online. please visit our website to register for the course.

To book a PLAB test date, you need to log in to GMC Online. Please see Book and cancel an exam place for further instructions.

Please be aware that this list will not be updated when a test is fully booked or not yet open for

Test date: 15 March 2016

Closing date (overseas): 8 February 2016; Closing date (UK): 9 March 2016

Test date: 15 June 2016

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 8 June 2016

Test date: 14 September 2016

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 7 September 2016

Test date: 15 November 2016

Closing date (overseas): 10 October 2016; Closing date (UK): 9 September 2016



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