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Antenatal information

Pregnancy is the most important eventful time in the lifetime of a Couple. With Science advancing to the moon, we are always looking for a safe pregnancy with a blossoming outcome. So, one needs to be  guided scientifically with all emotional support by an understanding and comfortable doctor

 Antenatal information should be given to pregnant women according to the following schedule.

  • At the first contact with a healthcare professional:
    • folic acid supplementation
    • food hygiene, including how to reduce the risk of a food‑acquired infection
    • lifestyle advice, including smoking cessation, and the implications of recreational drug use and alcohol consumption in pregnancy
    • all antenatal screening, including screening for haemoglobinopathies, the anomaly scan and screening for Down’s syndrome, as well as risks and benefits of the screening tests.
  • At booking (ideally by 10 weeks):
    • how the baby develops during pregnancy
    • nutrition and diet, including vitamin D supplementation for women at risk of vitamin D deficiency, and details of the
    • exercise, including pelvic floor exercises
    • place of birth (refer to intrapartum care NICE guideline CG55)
    • pregnancy care pathway
    • breastfeeding, including workshops
    • participant‑led antenatal classes
    • further discussion of all antenatal screening
    • discussion of mental health issues (refer to antenatal and postnatal mental health NICE guideline CG45)
  • Before or at 36 weeks:
    • breastfeeding information, including technique and good management practices that would help a woman succeed, such as detailed in the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative
    • preparation for labour and birth, including information about coping with pain in labour and the birth plan
    • recognition of active labour
    • care of the new baby
    • vitamin K prophylaxis
    • newborn screening tests
    • postnatal self‑care
    • awareness of ‘baby blues’ and postnatal depression.
  • At 38 weeks:
    • options for management of prolonged pregnancy.

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