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Seafarers are the professionals , who work in the shipping industry and are on the board -the ship as an employment. The sea and water and the environment all have  a different environment when you work there rather then on the land. Seafarer medical fitness examinations are important befire one joins the ship. The aim of the medical examination is to ensure that the seafarer being examined is medically fit to perform his or her routine and emergency duties at sea and is not suffering from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea, to render him or her unfit for service or to endanger the health of other persons on board.  Introduction the full range of routine and emergency duties can be undertaken. If this is not possible, the abilities of the seafarer should be assessed in relation to his or her routine and emergency duties and recommendations made on what the seafarer is able to do and whether any reasonable adjustments could enable him or her to work effectively. In some cases, problems will be identified that are incompatible with duties at sea and cannot be remedied.

GETWELL MEDICAL CENTER specialises in medical examination for seafarers. Dr. Ashok Kapoor is the CMO for the seafarer medical Examination  00971504505865

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