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The Science Of Ultrasound has  bring forward multiple medical applications. Ultrasound is a imaging stethoscope. The practice of medicine is  is incomplete if a doctor lacks good knowledge of sonography. It is an emergency tool and very cost effective for the patient. Proper use of ultrasound saves millions of lives daily. Many surgeons & gynecologists have experienced that good orientation of ultrasound picture remarkably improves their ability in planning and executing the surgeries whether laparoscopic or conventional.
We at WWW.ABMACADEMY.COM, have joined hands with IAN DONALD SCHOOL OF ULTRASOUND  to bring you the latest advances in the practice of Ultrasound. for the general physicians and Obstetricians and Gynecologists.Our Course is comprehensive and is model by Prof. Asim Kurjek, world renowned authority in Ultrasound Practice.

Course Content

  • Ultrasound and Screening in the First Trimester
  • Biometry and Fetal Anatomy Scan at 18-20 Weeks
  • Early Pregnancy and its Problems
  • Diagnosis & Management Strategies for Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Ultrasound in the Labour Ward Setting
  • Essentials of Doppler Ultrasound
  • Assessment of Fetal Wellberg and the Role of Colour Doppler in Obtetrics
  • The Role of TVS in Gynaecology & the 1-Stop Philosophy
  • Ultrasound Techniques in Fertility & Assisted Reproduction Treatments
  • Image acquisition, optimisations & machine related skills practice with ultrasound machine & phantom.

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