Painless Laser Hair Removal with Faster Results

Painless laser for all treatable skin and hair types. Best comfort through state of the art cooling systems and a maximum safety and optimal efficiency of the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal
Small Area – AED 99 | Medium Area – AED 199 | Large Area – AED 299

Laser Hair Removal


Fed up of excess hair?

  • Discover the longest lasting results of all hair removal techniques
  • Achieve the highest percentage of permanent hair reduction with latest technique
  • Reveal smoother skin
  • It works on all skin types
  • It is affordable


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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal can be permanent

It is certainly possible that you will never have to shave again. At a minimum, the vast majority of people find that they need to either shave or wax at around 10 times longer intervals than previously.

It smoothes your skin!

The laser that is used stimulates collagen production, ‘plumping out’ and smoothing your skin.

You can’t wax or pluck before treatment

If you wax or pluck your hairs in the two weeks before laser hair removal treatment, you run the risk that the hair won’t have yet entered its re-growth phase and there will be nothing for the laser to target.

Dark skin can be treated

The ‘best’ candidates for laser hair removal are people with fair skin and dark hair. However, olive- and dark-skinned people can certainly be successfully treated. It depends on the wavelength of light used in the laser hair removal process.

It’s pretty quick!

Facial areas, bikini lines and your underarms can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Large areas like your legs or back might take an hour.

Not all lasers are painful

Some people are turned off by reports of intense pain during laser hair removal. In fact, some lasers have a double cooling system feature which cools down the area being lased and significantly reduces pain levels.

All parts of the body can be treated

If you have hair growing there, it can be safely removed by laser. Proper lasers (NOT Intense Pulsed Light machines) can work on even the most delicate skin.

Hairs don’t in-grow afterwards

Waxing often creates ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal doesn’t!

You shouldn’t tan, either before or after

You shouldn’t tan the area to be treated before your laser hair removal, and should also wait several weeks before exposing it to the sun. Spray tans often need to be avoided as well – so winter is the perfect laser hair removal season.

Laser hair removal does NOT give you skin cancer

The type of light used to remove hair is completely different to the UV type light that can damage your DNA and cause skin cancer.

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