Soundarya Means “Beauty” and as our name says we are all about Enhancing Beauty , ie. Look Good and Feel good at Soundarya.

Soundarya is under Medical supervision of Getwell Medical Centre (one of the leaders in quality healthcare in Middle East and India).

Being the leaders in Aesthetic technologies, Soundarya is equipped with Some of the most advanced system from round the globe to give the most effective visible and safe results to its patients .
Soundarya is not only a hub of best aesthetic technologies, but also has team of most well known celebrity doctors on it’s panel.

Being Leaders in the industry, Soundarya team is regularly interviewed by Media. Please see our Media section.

Soundarya has the first Anti-aging Shop concept, where you get the most advanced skin care products, handed over by Skin practioners after complete skin analysis.

Visit our centre where Technology, Safe Hands and experience merge together to Evolve Beauty.

As our team is assured of results and benefits, we would keep adding new services offering the best world has to offer in Aesthetics under the Getwell Soundarya Umbrella.

No Exercise , No Diet , No Surgery , No Pain ….Drop a Pant Size in 45 mins
Getwell Medical Centre introduces Getwell Soundarya : Where we believe that You should Stay Healthy , Feel Good and Look good .

Introducing the Fastest and Most powerful Body Contouring Solution : POWERSHAPE

Using the combination of the most advanced technologies from round the globe to give amazing results in Body contouring ( immediate measurable and long term results ) With Powershape procedure

Have a look how it works Here

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